At our horse riding club, we invite you to experience the exhilaration of horseback riding like never before.


Meet our tried-and-true Appendix gelding standing tall at 16.1 hands. As a seasoned lesson horse, he embodies tranquility and patience, making him perfect for riders of all levels. With an easy-going temperament, he exudes reassurance, creating a relaxed atmosphere for riders to learn and grow. His smooth gaits offer a pleasurable ride, effortlessly gliding through each stride. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or an invigorating trot, he adapts seamlessly, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every rider. Trustworthy and dependable, he’s not just a horse; he’s a cherished companion on the journey of horseback riding



Meet our dynamic Icelandic pony gelding, standing proudly at 13.2 hands with captivating, mismatched eyes—one blue, one brown. Bursting with spirit and a hint of wildness, he’s a seasoned jumper, thrilling kids with his daring leaps. Despite his age, his enthusiasm knows no bounds; he’s as willing as ever to conquer any course. With each ride, he ignites a sense of adventure and joy, his energy contagious to all who encounter him. A true gem in the arena, he embodies the perfect blend of experience, spirit, and boundless zest for life


Meet our versatile OTTB gelding. Towering at 16.1 hands, he’s a master in the arena and on trails, he’s the epitome of grace and skill. Advanced riders cherish his gentle nature and willingness to excel in all disciplines. From jumping courses with precision to navigating trails with ease, he’s a true gentleman, offering a smooth ride and unwavering trust. With a heart of gold and a readiness to conquer any challenge, he’s the perfect partner for riders seeking adventure and excellence in every ride


Meet our versatile 13.3-hand Welsh mare, a seasoned lesson horse catering to riders of all levels. From guiding very young beginners to honing the skills of experienced kid jumpers, she’s proficient in both English and Western riding. With a competitive streak and boundless willingness, she excels both in the arena, and on the trail, showcasing her adaptability and talent. Whether it’s teaching the basics or tackling advanced maneuvers, she approaches every task with enthusiasm and grace. More than just a lesson horse, she’s a cherished partner, enriching the journey of every rider fortunate enough to ride her


Meet our pride and joy Morgan gelding, standing at 14.2 hands. Our first horse and true gem in our lesson program. An Olympic trainer has said Rikki has the most beautiful canter they’ve ever seen. With vast experience, he caters to riders of all levels, offering a fun and relaxing ride for the more experienced and a safe and gentle experience for absolute beginners. Having dabbled in every discipline, he’s a versatile companion, willing and eager to work. His incredible desire to please shines through in every session, making him a cherished member of our barn. Whether it’s trotting around the arena or venturing out on the trails, he’s the perfect partner for riders seeking both enjoyment and growth


Meet the dude. This classic Quarter Horse stands proudly at 15.1 hands. Traditionally Western, he’s a master of foxhunting, trail riding, and English disciplines, blending seamlessly between them all. Sensitive to leg aids, he requires minimal rein contact, showcasing his responsiveness. More advanced riders will appreciate his independent nature, sometimes interpreted as stubbornness for beginning riders! Earning his respect is essential, but once gained, he’s a loyal partner, willingly performing any task asked of him. With his versatility and unwavering loyalty, he’s the ideal companion for riders seeking both challenge and camaraderie in every ride


Meet our remarkable Choctaw Indian mare, standing gracefully at 13.3 hands. Showcasing the diverse traits of her unique breed, she’s exceptionally sensitive and protective of children, making her an ideal partner for young intermediate riders. Excelling in various disciplines including English flatwork, jumping, and foxhunting, she is spunky and spirited, and possesses a huge personality and regal presence, akin to that of a princess. With her unmatched combination of versatility, temperament, and charm, she captivates hearts and brings joy to all who have the pleasure of riding her


Introducing our graceful Appendix mare, standing elegantly at 15.3 hands. With a natural talent for dressage and flatwork, she excels in the arena with precision and grace. She possesses a gentle and sensitive disposition, responding keenly to her rider’s cues. Whether executing intricate movements or refining basic maneuvers, she approaches each task with poise and dedication. With her versatile skills and gentle nature, she’s the perfect partner for riders seeking both performance and connection in their equestrian pursuits


Meet our spirited 6-year-old Morgan mare, standing proudly at 14.3 hands. With youthful enthusiasm and boundless potential, she’s a shining star both in the arena, and out. Advanced and eager to please, she thrives on speed and excels in jumping with effortless grace. Her strong bonds and unwavering trust are earned through love and respect, granting her willingness to tackle any challenge. With athletic prowess to spare, she’s capable of mastering anything she sets her mind to. Whether it’s flying over jumps or exploring new disciplines, she’s a dynamic partner, ready to conquer the world with her indomitable spirit and endless potential

Agamemnon (Aggie) and Rex

Meet the dynamic duo of our pony pals! Aggie, our adorable miniature pony, is chubby and utterly endearing, with a heart full of love for children. Rex, on the other hand, is our regal Shetland pony, standing proud with adorable charm and a fluffy mane. Despite his small stature, he possesses an air of royalty, commanding attention wherever he goes. Equally skilled in riding and driving, these two are the most popular horses at the stable loved by children and adults alike! They’re not just ponies; they’re beloved friends and partners, capturing hearts effortlessly and spreading joy wherever they go and whoever they meet

Paddy & Wonder

Meet our two lively colts, aged 2, bursting with playful energy and mischief. Engaged in groundwork and learning the basics, they’re a joy to train and spend time with. Brimming with curiosity and joy, they approach each task with willingness and enthusiasm. Their mischievous antics keep us on our toes, yet their desire for both work and companionship is undeniable. With every interaction, they remind us of the boundless potential and unbridled spirit of youth. Together, they embody the perfect blend of curiosity, joy, mischief, and eagerness to learn, promising a bright future ahead


Discover the Freedom of Horseback Riding

At Fáilte Stables we witness the powerful bond between human and horse each day. Come experience this amazing connection for yourself by taking advantage of any of our offerings

Riding Lessons

Our 90-minute lesson options include individual and group (3+) rides. Trail Riding lessons also available

Fáilte Student Membership

For students looking for weekly lessons, this option is a discounted lesson program designed to help riders attain their long-term goals

Horse Connection Experiences

For young and old desiring to connect with a horse but not ready yet to saddle up and ride

Horse Lease

Designed for the serious rider looking for advanced practice and training with a dedicated horse at our stable